Intro Letter

​Introduction Letter

Established as a family business in 1976, Edger Enterprises has grown to become one of the Southern Tier’s premier contractors. Since its inception, and throughout the course of its decade’s long history, Edger Enterprises has been headquartered in Elmira Heights, New York.

Edger Enterprises has grown their business one customer at time, always taking care of the customers we have, before pursuing new markets.  We try to add only one or two new customers per year to our client base.  We look for opportunities to expand our customer base in areas where our skill sets fits with the customers’ needs.

For example, during the construction downturn of 2009-2011, Edger Enterprises saw opportunity in, and expanded its business model to include, service and support work for the Oil and Gas industry.  Many area companies suffered hardship during this downturn period while Edger Enterprises simultaneously honored its traditional customer base and experienced healthy growth levels.

The coordination, scheduling, and right-now demands of the industry, while challenging, provided opportunity to engage our talents and problem solving skills in support of their 24/7/365 operations. In meeting these dynamic and continually morphing challenges, Edger Enterprises brought in high-level process-oriented managers to handle our increased staff and sales volume.  In doing so, we developed and have maintained effective project teams tailored to react quickly and effectively in response to project and customer requirements.

We are a diverse company operating in a relatively small geographic area, typically within 50 miles of our home base, allowing us to keep excellent control of our projects.  Our diverse operations coupled with our strategic business relationships, core competencies, and repeat customers have sustained this close-to-home business model for decades.

Because we self perform as much of the work on our wide-ranging projects as possible, we are better able to serve our customers at competitive rates.  It is our belief we can maintain better control of safety, quality, schedule and cost by self-performing on our projects.

Moving forward, Edger Enterprises continues its history of self-performance by heavily investing in advanced technologies, equipment, and training.  Our investment in automated machine control systems, GPS equipment, and 3-D modeling software, allow us to secure more complex and demanding projects with better efficiencies and controls.

Through flexibility, customer loyalty, self-performance, and utilization of technological advances, we have grown from a small site work contractor to a full service General Contractor with educational, industrial, health care, and commercial projects on our company resume.

Each customer and project comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities.  As we approach these exciting prospects, our core structure is strengthened, our values are reaffirmed, and we are confident in stretching our boundaries.

As a local contractor, with local interests, influence, and livelihoods, Edger Enterprises is in alignment with, and places high value on, our Good Neighbor goals – our good names and reputations are at permanent stake here in our community with everything we do.

scenic image of Eldridge Park

Several of our staff members are engaged in local Economic Growth Committees, Chambers of Commerce, and sit on area Planning Boards.  As a company, Edger Enterprises is directly involved with community support via direct participation in volunteer restoration projects like Eldridge Park, and through donations to local Food Banks, Animal Welfare organizations, and support of local Athletic Programs.

Part of our Good Neighbor policy includes safety training programs for our all our employees. Edger Enterprises has expended much time and energy in formalizing and documenting its safety program to align with the high standards of the construction industry, bringing our safety culture and BBS (Behavior Based Safety) programs to the forefront – our ISNetworld safety rating is at ‘A’ status with all our customers.

A pivotal element of our corporate culture is our CARE program. This program serves as model and reminder of our commitment to safety, customer service, and mission.  Briefly, our CARE program insures that we are:

Committed: to our Customer’s Satisfaction, and to our culture of safety, on-site and at home. 
Accountable: for open communication, for our actions, production, and safety at all times.
Responsible: for being part of the solution to ensure the best process occurs on every job.
Engaged: in safety planning, management, and education in our every day work activities.

By applying CARE in all that we do, we add value to our partnerships by providing our customers with peace of mind along the way.